What and how we eat contributes to our digestion, mood, brain function, sleep quality, stress, our appearance, and of course, our performance at the gym and in everyday life. If you’re not sure your food and supplement choices are supporting you optimally, set up a nutrition consultation with our onsite Functional Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach, Evelyn.

Your first session includes a complete health history, functional assessment, and a nutrition analysis. Working together, goals are established and specific actions are determined to meet those goals based upon your lifestyle, dietary preferences and motivation level.

Evelyn’s approach involves small, manageable changes over time to bring consistent, sustainable change.

Diet & Nutrition Consultation
First Session: $100
1-hour introductory session
Follow-Up Sessions: $50
30 minute session to review progress, adjust actions and/or reset goals.
Questions? Email: evelyn@nourishedpath.com or Call: (860) 916-0330 Learn More: Nourishedpath.com