Crossroads Fitness offers a number of special fitness programs to meet the needs of groups, corporate training, and sports teams.

Semi-Private Personal Training

An opportunity for those that would like specific technique coaching and individualized programming with a group of friends or colleagues. It is designed for 2-8 people to work together to accomplish similar fitness goals. Group training has the benefit of personalized training at a decreased cost. It also has the added benefit of schedule accommodations to the group’s preference.

Semi-Private Personal Training rates:
2 Person: $90
3 Person: $120
4 Person: $140
5 Person: $160
6-8 Person: $180

Private Athletic Team Training

Team oriented programming focusing on a specific sport or preference. Team training allows athletes to prepare for a season through conditioning and weight training overseen by our strength and conditioning coaches. It is available to teams of all ability levels and ages. Perfect for athletes who want an edge on the competition and improve their athleticism before their season starts.

Corporate Training Day-Session

A type of program that is designed for a business or community of members that work together. Perfect for firehouse or a larger organization that would like to improve their fitness. The session will be closed for that community only. The benefit of this training is a health, confidence, and cohesion amidst the workplace.

Questions? Email: ATTN: Zach Moran