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Personal Training


Zachary Moran is a full time Naturopathic Doctor who owns and manages Roots Natural Medical Center. But he has a passion for fitness and continues to enjoy coaching in his off time. Zachary has spent over 12 years personal training individual sport specific athletes from kids and geriatric populations to professional athletes and Olympians in addition to group crossfit classes. He specializes in Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting. He has been personally training over 15 years and has competed as athlete in division 1 collegiate wrestling and as a top international crossfit competitor.

Zach understands the human biomechanics as a physician, a sport scientist, a personal trainer and an athlete giving him the ability to ensure proper, safe and effective exercise techniques. He also understands that training is meant to be an enjoyable process and makes sure that each training session, although hard work, is a rewarding and fun experience. “Variability in movements and programming is key to optimizing the full functional of the body. I take pride in always creating new challenges and different workouts every training session.”

  • Education:

    • Bachelor of Science- Exercise Science and Nutrition

    • Bachelor of Science- Biology

    • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


  • Crossfit:

    • Level 3 Certified

    • Olympic lifting Certified

    • Kids Coach Certified

    • Endurance Training Certified

    • Mobility Certified

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By appointment: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Phone: 860-471-1434


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